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  Parenting Apart

Pareting Apart

   Family Mediation Network run regular information meetings for separating parents who
   want to better understand what helps and what hurts children when families separate.

   It is vital for parents to have the information they need, to know what to expect and to put
   support in place for their children.


   Please call 0161 439 5286 to book a local Parenting Apart Information Meeting lasting
   between 1 and 1.5 hours:


   All Parenting Apart meetings are free until further notice

   South Manchester Venue Meeting Dates - 6pm
   Wednesday 24/09/2014  -  Altrincham
   Thursday 30/10/2014  -  Altrincham
   Tuesday 25/11/2014  -  Altrincham
   Wednesday 10/12/2014  -  Altrincham
   Wednesday 28/01/2014  -  Altrincham

   North Manchester Venue Meeting Dates ( Bolton) - 6pm
   Thursday 09/10/2014
   Wednesday 19/11/2014
   Thursday 04/12/2014

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